Briefly in English

Turun Latu ry is a Finnish outdoor and sports club based in the city of Turku. The club was founded in 1956 and has since then aimed to promote outdoor activities and an active lifestyle for people of all ages.

Turun Latu is a member of the Finnish Outdoor Association Suomen Latu and operates as a non-profit organization.

Turun Latu organizes various outdoor activities such as

  • trail running
  • mountain biking
  • disc golf
  • cycling
  • Nordic walking
  • geocaching
  • hiking
  • skiing
  • family trips to nearby forests.

Weekly activities are free for everyone (membership not required) and do not require registration in advance.

The club has nearly 2000 members and also train many volunteers through Suomen Latu in different activities.

More information about activities and membership from this website or social media (Facebook and Instagram).